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Swim Safety

Summer is Quickly approaching!

But before you reach for that sunscreen make sure to follow these guidelines to ensure your children's safety this summer. 

Have a "water watcher" keep an eye on children in the water at all times

  • Ensure designated "water watcher" is near by the pool or body of water
  • Make sure they have a phone nearby in case of emergencies.
  • The "water watcher" must refrain from drinking.
  • You can hire a certified lifeguard with The Fallbrook Associated Swim Team for more information call Sean Redmond at (760)716-7679 or email at 

Learn CPR, Here are some organizations that offer CPR classes

Get your children comfortable with the water early on with swimming lessons, some local trusted organizations that offer swim lessons are: 

Ensure your pool has a fence or barrier to keep children out if there is no supervision. 

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