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Seasonal Safety 

An infographic encouraging to call 911 for emergencies like snake sightings, falls, smoke, or animal rescue, with an alternative dispatch number provided.

At North County Fire your safety is of the upmost importance, but we cannot respond to your emergency without a call to 911. Wheather you encounter a rattlesnake, trip and fall, see smoke, or need assistance in an animal rescue we cannot respond if you call our administrative office. If you feel hesitant wheather or not your incident constituets an emergency you can call North Comm Dispatch's emergency line.

**If you call North Comm Dispatch's emergency line they will NOT have access to address information. It is always better to call 911. 

Our administrative office is open Monday- Thursday 7:00 am-5:00 pm any calls made to our admin number outside business hours will be returned the following workday


North County Fire Protection District is dedicated to educating the public on various safety concerns that effect our area. Situated at the most northern inland tip of North County our district is under constant alert for wildfires. The history of our district gives this awareness merit. Since 2002, beginning with the devastating "Gavilan Fire" we have experienced wildfires more frequently and with more intensity. It is our mission to prepare our district for various safety emergencies- whether it be teaching Hands Only CPR, warning about the dangers of drinking and driving, preventing falls for seniors, or making sure each residence creates a defensible space around their home, we are here to inform and educate our community so we can work together to keep our district safe.