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Station Tours

May contain: person, human, fire truck, truck, vehicle, and transportation

The public (especially children) are invited to visit any one of the five Fire Stations located in the in the North County Fire Protection District. However, due to training and scheduling needs the District, the best time to visit a Fire Station is on a day when a time and location has been set aside for scheduled tours.

Please keep in mind however, that on any occasion we may be called out for an emergency and may not be in the station at the pre-arranged time. If we are not in the station, we are out helping someone and will get back as soon as possible.

If you would like to visit a Fire Station, please call Mrs. Dani Vargas during business hours to set a scheduled tour.  Mrs. Vargas may be reached at (760) 723-2053. She will be happy to assist you in making arrangements to visit the Fire Station of your choice.