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Proposition A

Proposition A:  The Establishment of Community Facilities District 2019-02 - Special Election by All Vote By Mail Ballot - October 24, 2019

Our District is disappointed that we did not secure the SUPER-MAJORITY (2/3rds) voter support  required for passage of Prop ‘A.’  On behalf of the District’s Board of Directors, all of our professional firefighters and the entire District Staff, we want to express our heart-felt thanks to those who supported Prop A, our community members for voting and to everyone for their faithful, ongoing support of us. 

We want to assure every resident throughout the District’s service area that we will continue to provide the best-possible firefighting and emergency services for which North County Fire has become so well known.  We are, and will continue to be, dedicated to serving our communities.

2019-20 - Resolution Declaring Election Results for CFD.pdf

For more information about the election.

For more information on Prop A .